Bladder Problem In Men – The Prostate Connection

Bladder Problem In Men – The Prostate Connection

Incontinence is usually considered a female problem however, with the growing numbers of men over 60 years of age incontinence is becoming their problem as well. The primary reason for a bladder problem in a man is a growing prostate a condition that is common in older men. In medical terms this condition is called prostatic enlargement.

The prostate has a very close anatomical relationship with the bladder. In fact the urethra, the tube that drains the bladder passes through the center of the prostate. If the prostate grows it can put pressure on the urethra causing a backup of urine in the bladder.

This pressure obviously impacts on the passage of urine and can cause dribbling, weak flow, a full bladder, and an incredible urge to go. When the urethra is constricted the bladder cannot fully empty itself which means it will fill up more rapidly causing a need to frequently urinate. This in turn frequently causes an involuntary flow of urine.

Over time the main bladder muscle known as the detrusor muscle will develop hypertrophy as a result of it always being stretched by a full bladder. When this occurs the muscle cannot completely compress the bladder meaning that the bladder is never really empty. Again this condition results in a need to frequently use the toilet and in fact can lead to over active bladder syndrome a form of urinary incontinence.

This condition can also lead to frequent urinary tract infections particularly in men who have diabetes or who have a compromised immune system.

Men who experience the symptoms of an enlarged prostate really need to consult with their physician. A large prostate can be benign or it may be cancerous. The only way that man will now what his real condition is, is by visiting his doctor for examination.

Fortunately there have been many advances in the treatment of enlarged prostate mostly in the area of medication. Even with prostate cancer, treatments have turned this disease from a death sentence into a curable condition. However, the earlier a man seeks medical help for this bladder problem the better the chances to avoid a serious health problem.

As the men of the baby boomer generation enter their 60s and 70s they will represent a whole new market for pharmaceutical companies who specialize in treating bladder problems. We can expect that these pharmaceutical manufacturers will continue to make advances in treatment therapy to accommodate this new and fairly wealthy market.

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