Fertility Enhancers

Fertility Enhancers

Many couples who are trying to become pregnant naturally often resort to using fertility enhancers and natural impotence cures such as fertility bracelets and different types of foods and natural substances. Many different foods and herbs were used by ancient civilisations for centuries to aid in fertility and boost conception.

1. Herbs.

There is a wide variety of herbs, most of which can be found growing in any herb garden or brought from a grocery store that boost fertility. These include red clover blossoms and raspberry leaf.

Raspberry leaf is used to strengthen the uterus and aid the fallopian tubes in transporting the female ova.

Red clover blossoms help your body to balance hormonal levels, and are rich in proteins and vitamins that encourage ovarian functions.

2. Water.

As many people know, water boosts the immune system, distributes nutrients and hormones throughout the body, acts as a purifying agent and removes traces of toxins and waste from the body. However, what many people don’t know is that water is also a natural fertility enhancer. It increases the quantity and quality of the fertile cervical mucus which helps the male sperm reach the female ova for fertilisation to occur. Water also lengthens the life span of any sperm cells which may be waiting in the female body for the ova to be released.

3. Foods.

Your body requires various elements in order to be at peak fertility. While trying to become pregnant, it is recommended that you eat a diet that contains a high amount of these elements.

Honey has been used as a way of enhancing fertility for many centuries. It nourishes the reproductive system and stimulates ovarian functions due to the fact that it is exceedingly rich in various minerals and amino acids that your body requires.

Whole grains contain large quantities of vitamins A and E which are required by your body for hormonal balance, the production of healthy sperm and ova. Good foods to eat in this group are brown rice, oats and whole wheat as they are all complex carbohydrates and are a source of energy for your body.

There are a great variety of fertility enhancing nutrients contained in garlic, especially vitamin B. garlic is also an excellent source of selenium, a mineral which is thought to enhance male fertility and help prevent early miscarriages due to the breaking of chromosomes.

Research has shown that women who regularly eat full fat dairy products are far less likely to suffer problems with fertility than those who don’t. Full fats are essential for the healthy development and maintenance of blood, bones and the nervous system since they are very rich in calcium. Calcium is essential for the healthy development of the foetus once you have conceived.

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