Reverse kegel excercises sound like a complicated gym maneuver or something you’d do in the army but they are actually one of the tricks I found that adult movie makers use. They just kept coming up while researching how to last like a porn star.

I wanted to find out how those guys on the screen manage to have such amazing staying power, so I asked them. There are places on the net where these guys hang out and I was able to find out some the methods that work for the pros. Because they were so generous it seemed only fair to help others with some of my findings.

Sure there are lots of camera tricks and editing that make it look like they are incredible sexual gods. The truth is a bit more realistic but these guys are pros, the longer they can last the better as far as most producers are concerned. They work as hard at their performance as many athletes.

So how do reverse kegels work and can they help regular guys? Regular kegel exercises are used to strengthen the PC muscles. You can find them by stopping urination mid stream. These are fairly common exercises, recommended both by doctors and the pros to allow greater control of your climax.

Reverse kegels go hand in hand with the regular kind. To find the muscles we’re talking about urinate as hard as you can. This should have the effect of relaxing the PC muscles, this is because, like a bicep and a tricep on your arm, they counter the motion in the opposite direction.

You should be aiming to strengthen both actions, the muscles that holds back the urine, and the ones that increase the flow. Don’t do them with a full bladder, it can get messy!