Men’s Issues: Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Men’s Issues: Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation is a problem in men where ejaculation happens too soon during a sexual act. This leads to dissatisfaction to both the male and the female and this is one of the common reasons for the issue between couples. It has been revealed by surveys that premature ejaculation is the main cause for sexual incompatibility.

Premature ejaculation is of two types, the first one being primary early ejaculation. In this case, the male has suffered this problem throughout his life and has never had prolonged sex before ejaculation. The other type is the secondary ejaculation in which the condition starts appearing with age due to some factors inside his body.

Though this condition is seen in men of all ages, it has been found that men are that suffer the most. This is mainly because of inexperience in sex indulgence. During the first few times that young men have sex, they get too excited and this results in early ejaculation. However, as they gain more experience and control, most men can delay the ejaculation to have prolonged sex.

Another reason for premature ejaculation is the taboo that is imposed by many cultures and the treatment of masturbation as something dirty. As a result, when men get the desire to masturbate, they have to do so in hiding. Most men rush up the purpose and carry it out in the bathroom. This makes them ejaculate soon and they retain the habit as they grow up due to which they develop a problem with early ejaculation. This is why the condition is so prevalent among the men of certain cultures.

The condition may also occur due to some other issues like stress and health issues. If there is some fight or argument between the couple and the male is not absolutely calm and tension free during the sex act, then ejaculation can occur prematurely.

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