The Stop-Start method to Stop Eremature Ejaculation

The stop-start method is a similar form of training the man to control his ejaculatory reflexes and to better understand and measure sensations from sexual stimulation.

This method involves the partner stimulating the man’s penis, except that when the man instructs, the partner stops stimulating the man’s penis before ejaculation becomes inevitable. Then as he feels he regains control, he instructs the partner to begin stimulating his penis again. This procedure is repeated three times before allowing the man to ejaculate on the fourth time.

For this method, the partner stimulates the man until the man instruct the partner to stop before ejaculating is inevitable. When he feels like he has regained control, the partner will continue stimulation until he instructs the stimulation to cease. After this cycle is repeated three times, the man is allowed to achieve orgasm on the fourth cycle.

Like the Masters and Johnson technique, a progression steadily rises so that the degree of stimulation (ex: from manual to oral) increases each time, culminating in intercourse. This method requires a partner’s cooperation but has been successful for a couple’s mutual benefit.

The couple repeats this exercise three times a week, until the man has good control, then they progress to stop-start with lubrication, and then intercourse with the woman on top and the man not moving. He again instructs her to stop moving when he senses he is losing control.

The couple progresses over subsequent times to the having the man move, then side by side intercourse. Instead of stopping and starting, the couple may progress to merely slowing down to enable the man to regain control of his urge to ejaculate.